Hand Held Projectors

Hand held projectors are one of the emerging technologies to wow many of us and are gradually beginning to be used in a number of different places. The impressive gadgets … Continue reading

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Could This Be Jack the Rippers Knife?

When Tony Williams was looking through old boxes that had been handed down from one family member to the next he came across a knife that had come from his … Continue reading

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Plan Your New Year in Style

Planning your New Year celebrations in London can be entertaining start to finish with the help of Rippervision. With the New Year fast approaching, many head to London to celebrate … Continue reading

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Welsh Speaking Scholar – Murdered 9th Nov

Blonde haired, Blue-eyed, Twenty-Five year old Mary Jane Kelly was murdered on the 9th Nov 1888 in Whitechapel, London. Mary had six or seven brothers and one sister; she was … Continue reading

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Jack the Rippers’ Final Confession

I have washed my hands clean. She is such a pitiful sight. Didn’t struggle or fight back. She did scream though. If anyone heard, they’ll think it’s just one of … Continue reading

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