Welsh Speaking Scholar – Murdered 9th Nov

Blonde haired, Blue-eyed, Twenty-Five year old Mary Jane Kelly was murdered on the 9th Nov 1888 in Whitechapel, London. Mary had six or seven brothers and one sister; she was born in Ireland and later moved to Wales with her family.

At the age of 16 years old Mary married a collier, he sadly passed away after three years of marriage through an explosion in which he died. Mary then moved in with her cousin in Cardiff. At this time she began working on the streets as a prostitute. She then moved to London in 1884, the reason for which is unknown.

She worked in a high-class brothel in the West End of London. Mark Kelly went out on the 8th November for a nights work wearing a linsey frock, a dark red shawl and a pristine white apron that she was well known for always wearing and for it always being clean.

At 10.45am on the 9th November Thomas Bowyer went out for his boss to collect over-due rent. He stopped at Mary Kelly’s house, he knocked but there was no response. The door was locked. He then pulled the curtain aside to peer into the house and he found the mutilated remains of Mary Kelly.

Thomas immediately informed the police of his findings and within the day they came round to smash in the front door. On entering the home they could see a pile of Mary Kelly’s clothes in a neat pile on the floor and her boots were warming by the fire.

Mary’s body was naked in the middle of the bed, the front of her abdomen and thighs were removed along with her complete breasts. Marys’ arms were mutilated and Mary’s face was hacked so badly it was no longer recognisable.

The police were horrified to find Marys kidneys, uterus and one breast under her head, Marys other breast was by her right foot with her liver between her feet; her intestines were by her right side and her spleen by the left side of her body. The flaps that had been removed from her abdomen and thighs were on a table in her room.

The bed sheets were saturated with blood and there was a two foot pool of blood on the floor.

It is said that this murder was committed by Jack the Ripper who had been trawling the streets and murdering prostitutes since August. But, who was Jack the Ripper and would they ever be caught?


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