Plan Your New Year in Style

rippervisionPlanning your New Year celebrations in London can be entertaining start to finish with the help of Rippervision.

With the New Year fast approaching, many head to London to celebrate the occasion by watching the fireworks and countdown. With a whole host of other entertainment for you to do before or after the display, it is hard to choose what’s worth doing and what really isn’t worth your time.

jack-the-ripperA Jack the Ripper tour is perfect for when you visit the big City. It’s educational, historical and best of all, entertaining. When on a tour it is quite easy to lose interest or enthusiasm but the Jack the Ripper walk is unique. This tour is like no other in the fact its tour guides are the only guides to carry a hand-held projector which produce 4ft images on to a wall or on the street.

If a building no longer exists, then fear not, this snazzy little device can rebuilding the building as an image so you can have the best quality experience. Normal tours are often guided by a badly photocopied A4 piece of paper which makes it hard for people at the back of the crowd who miss everything, but with this projector everyone can share the same great experience.

Not only are the guide’s enthusiasts of Jack the Ripper themselves but they have also put extensive research into the tour’s which make the walk as accurate as possible.

The tour begins at Aldgate East, Exit 3, Beside the Whitechapel Art Gallery, so prepare to be transported back to 1888 and relive the horror.

Jack the ripper tourThis tour has been voted the best Jack the Ripper tour in London and with such reputation come a high demand, so it’s best to book in advance if you want to make your visit to London one to remember.


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