Could This Be Jack the Rippers Knife?

When Tony Williams was looking through old boxes that had been handed down from one family member to the next he came across a knife that had come from his great great great Uncle, who was affectionately known as ‘Uncle Jack’.

Tony Williams looked into the matter to see why ‘Uncle Jack’ may have required a knife, what it may have been used for and how old it actually was. Tony wondered what the history was behind the blade.

It turned out that his ‘Uncle Jack’ was actually Sir John Williams, a suspect in for the Jack the Ripper murderer. Sir John was a surgeon, working in London for the QueenSir john williams Victoria during the time the terrible Jack the Ripper murders took place. Sir John left the East End of London shortly after the murders took place; the reason for this move is unknown.

Tony has researched very much into the Jack the Ripper files to see if he can gain anymore evidence that this is the weapon of choice for Jack the Ripper, and maybe Sir John Williams.

Tony has found that experts have said Jack the Ripper killings would have been done by someone with significant medical knowledge and he knows his Uncle was an accomplished surgeon. Tony then looked into descriptions of the blade used in the murders and the blade he has found fits that described in police reports. A pathologist said the knife used in all murders was the same one and it was at least 6inches long, very sharp and pointed at the top, about one inch wide. The knife that Tony has found fits all these points.

jack-the-ripper_When Tony found the knife and began to look into the history he was upset to have found the terrible truth that he was related to a serial killer. Tony feels that the knife, the possessions and all of his Uncles’ belongings point towards one thing – his Uncle Jack was the man that committed the terrible crimes in Whitechapel through 1888.

Having found out this awful truth Tony then told his family but he has found that they do not want to talk about it as it upsets them, however in Tonys’ mind he has solved the case – His Uncle Jack was Jack the Ripper.

There were many suspects for the Jack the Ripper murders; Sir John Williams was one of them. To hear more about who else could have been Jack the Ripper and that he Rippervision logomay even of been a she then why not book onto a Jack the Ripper Tour?


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