Hand Held Projectors

digishow01Hand held projectors are one of the emerging technologies to wow many of us and are gradually beginning to be used in a number of different places.

The impressive gadgets are not only the perfect size to fit into your pocket but they also have the quality of a television screen. This means they can travel pretty much wherever you want to go with it and then project imagery and video onto a surface that you feel appropriate.

There are companies that have started using this technology to their advantage. One of the companies to do so is Ripper Vision which has armed its guide’s with one so that when they are giving their audience a Jack the Ripper tour they can easily project imagery of buildings that were once present in 1888 and are no longer available.

This new technology enables people to understand the stories behind Jack the Ripper a great deal better because the projector gives the tour a sense of reality and brings the events, which happened in the past, back to life. The Jack the Ripper tour is brought to life with help of the hand held projector as the guides can literally create a vision that would not have been able to achieve simply from imagination.

A mobile phone is able to store hundreds maybe even thousands of photos but the screen itself is too small to show a group of people at the same time, whereas a hand held projector can share the photographs with larger audiences. This is exactly the technique that the Jack the Ripper walks has adapted in order to ensure that everyone on the tour can view the same image.

Ripper Vision is the only tour to have adapted this idea, meaning their tours are completely original and include the most detail.


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